Ким Кардашьян продолжает демонстрировать грудь

Talismanically rarely wears underwear while walking down the street.

Before the whole world was talking about her ass, and Kim’s readily demonstrated. He may have felt that there is a major imbalance and her Breasts were forgotten in the shadow of the powerful buttocks, Kim has recently been demonstrating very own bust. To do this, even so loved it selfi to do is not necessary – just enough not to wear a bra under a transparent top and walk down the street, and everything else will make the paparazzi, always ready to help the famous girl with a curvaceous.

Over the past few weeks Kim had forgotten about the bra several times and here again. 35-year-old mother of two children at this time, paraded through the streets of Miami. The most popular representative of the star family Kardashian recently bare chest so often that it had already recorded in a dedicated feminist movement Free The Nipple! (“Free the nipple!”), participants advocated for the right of women to appear bare-chested in hot weather in public places.