Миллион алых роз! Тайный поклонник задаривает Лопыреву

This time the stranger presented a beautiful huge bouquet.

After Victoria Lopyreva has parted ways with football player Fedor Smolov, she carefully guards his personal life from prying eyes. No photos with a romantic dinner or a video with a joint holiday. For members Boyfriends Wiki a mystery. As it turned out, some does not know anything itself Lopyreva.

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On his page in the social network, the girl posted a unequivocal photo. As always gorgeous Victoria in the luxurious evening dress and a fur Cape (it is necessary to insulate, fall now severe) stands next to a huge basket stuffed with roses. 300 pieces of flowers, no less. And this is not the first bouquet that Vic discovers near the house. The caption meaningful: “What a rich man here chudit?” So the phrase from the song of Alla Pugacheva Lopyreva hinted that she does not know who she gave such expensive gifts.

Someone suggested that this Smolov is trying again to win the favor of beauty. As you know, with his previous girlfriend football player broke up shortly after the European championship. Other members put forward the theory that after such courtesies must be followed by a proposal of marriage from a mysterious stranger. So wait for the wedding.