Как Джоли и Питт разделят 6 детей и имущество в $400 млн

Fortunately, the couple have a prenuptial agreement, according to which all property will be divided peacefully.

Often divorce proceedings of celebrities dragged on for years. Exceptions are only for those couples who care about a prenup. As did Angelina and brad.

Thanks in advance manifested prudence a couple who was once considered a model for the world, divorce peacefully, dividing millions of state in accordance with paragraphs in the contract.

Details of the document became known immediately after the wedding Jolie and pitt in 2014. The terms of the contract say that brad is not profitable to change your wife, because in this case, the wife becomes the sole guardian of the children.

Money Angelina and brad have agreed to divide fairly. That was earned by each of them before the wedding belongs to them individually.

And the funds that were acquired married, resolved to divide into six parts between their children. Also some part of the state will go to charities and orphanages.

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The lion’s share of the wealth star pair have the property that they bought around the world.

The estate in East Hollywood, where lives a family, the French estate Chateau Miraval where they married in 2014, a historic castle and the vineyards they acquired in 2012 for $ 60 million mansion in Santa Barbara cost of 5 million dollars and a house in New Orleans, which was worth spouses nearly 6 million.

Brad also owns the house in which he lived with Jennifer aniston, cosy townhouse is estimated at $ 1.7 million.