Bondarchuk, moss and Hinz and 8 high-profile divorce of 2016

Бондарчуки, Мосс и Хинс и еще 8 громких разводов 2016 года

Woman’s Day says, of the couples who broke up this year.

Angelina Jolie and brad pitt

On the “Mr. and Mrs. Smith”, as before, do not apply… But friends of the pair believe that pent up a lot, but the last straw was infidelity pitt.

Reason: Angie was never able to forgive the pious affair with French actress Marion Cotillard, which pitt is rumored to be spun on the set of the film “Allies.”

Children: the couple has six children: sons Maddox, Shiwan, pax Thien and Knox Leon, daughter Zahara Marley, Shiloh Nouvel and Vivienne Marcelin. Although only three of them Angie and brad are the biological parents, they never did this accent. And all loved equally.

That divide? Money Angelina and brad have agreed to divide fairly. That was earned by each of them before the wedding belongs to them individually.

And the funds which have been acquired by marriage, will be divided into six parts among their children. Also some part of the state will go to charities and orphanages. It is known that the couple owns real estate around the world. This mansion in Hollywood and French estate Chateau Miraval where they married in 2014, luxury home in Santa Barbara cost of 5 million dollars and a house in New Orleans, which was worth spouses nearly 6 million.

Brad also owns the house in which he lived with Jennifer aniston.

Fedor and Svetlana Bondarchuk

Divorce Fyodor and Svetlana Bondarchuk in March this year, journalists called polite.

“With love and gratitude to each other, lived together for years, still staying close, maintaining mutual respect and love for our families, we, Fedor and Svetlana Bondarchuk, to announce: we have decided to divorce. The time we spent together was wonderful, but today we parted ways – this fact does not have any conflicts, grievances, or conflicts. We are no longer a couple but remain friends”, – they reported in the pages of HELLO.

Reason: Formally, the initiator of the breakup was Bondarchuk. Fedor Sergeyevich increasingly went out with a 26-year-old actress Paulina Andreeva. And rumor has it that the Director has made a new sweetheart offer.

But in fact, the relationship simply outlived its usefulness. No wonder after her divorce Svetlana began to look better: thinner and younger by 10 years.

Children: Sergey and Svetlana have two children – a son Sergei and a daughter Barbara. Besides, Sergey has twice made them grandparents.

That divide? It seems, the couple immediately agreed on everything. And press reports on the division of property is slipping. One thing is clear: Svetlana with nothing left. Editor in chief recently celebrated a housewarming. Now she owns a luxury apartment on the Patriarchal ponds.

Kate moss and Jamie Hinz

The rumors about the breakup supermodels of the 90s Kate moss and The Kills musician Jamie Hinz after four years of marriage, began to appear at the end of 2015. Celebrity gap did not comment, and everyone forgot about it safely. Remember when 42-year-old Kate began to appear at social events on the arm of 29-year-old great-grandson of Chancellor of the German Empire, Otto von Bismarck, Nicholas… And in September of the supermodel will be Mrs. Otto von Bismarck. Read more HERE.

The reason: According to insiders, the reason for the divorce was not the scandalous reputation of the model and not her bizarre antics. In contrast, moss was a jealous woman and could not tolerate other women in the entourage of her husband.

Children: no children together.

That divide? The pair came together in the Mature age. That was earned by everyone, with him and left!

The only, which have long argued the couple, who will live on the dog, the Staffordshire bull Terrier Archie. But, it seems, and immediately agreed. In the end, a dog’s love is enough for us all…

Nargiz Zakirova and Philip Balzano

Singer Nargiz Zakirova announced the break with the Italian singer Filipp Balzano after 20 years of marriage in June of this year. This news came as a shock to her fans. Because in all the interviews Nargis said that Phil was the best thing that happened in her life… But I guess the love was gone because of the divorce, the celebrity decided to issue through the courts. Read more HERE.

Reason: “I made the decision to divorce through the courts, because peaceful options Phil isn’t satisfied. In the last year, our family life was like hell. My ex-husband moved on to blackmail and threats. It requires me about 40 thousand dollars for a divorce. I am very grateful to the lawyers Maxim Fadeev, who help me with the process of divorce,” – said Zakirova “StarHit”.

Children: In marriage a daughter Layla who decided to stay in the States with my dad. From Nargis, also has two children from other relationships – daughter Sabina and son Auel.

That divide? Philip Balzano claim to half of everything earned Nargis for marriage for years. Argument one: while the artist was giving concerts, he cared about his daughter.

Anastasia Makeeva and Gleb Matveichuk

Anastasia and Gleb were considered a model couple. It seemed that Anastasia survived her breakup with Peter Kislov and Aleksei Makarov finally found happiness. The actors have been married for 6 years and even after they literally glowed with happiness. But suddenly the divorce…

Reason: Speaking about the reasons of parting, She said that Gleb has changed. But they managed to maintain normal relations.

Children: no children together.

That divide? The pair have nothing to share. Two apartments and a country house in the suburbs was bought before the wedding.

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