Mariah Carey will be married live

Мэрайя Кэри выйдет замуж в прямом эфире

Millions of viewers will see how the singer will say “Yes” to the elect.

The marriage of Mariah Carey, apparently, will be a highlight of the year. Was worth the singer to get engaged with Australian billionaire James Packer, as every day she gives news about the upcoming celebration.

First, the singer boasted the engagement ring cost 7.5 million dollars, then told about my wedding dress for 500 thousand dollars. On the outfit, by the way, there will be hundreds of butterflies, embroidered with thread made of 14 Karat gold.

And now the singer said that actually the celebration will be modest. It will be held in the Caribbean in the presence of a limited number of guests, because Mariah believed that this event is too personal. Only relatives and… millions more viewers, because the ceremony will be shown live.

In this course, the singer decided for a reason. Recently she went on a concert tour in which the singer is everywhere accompanied by the film crew of American TV channel and removes the reality of touring Cary.

How else can you advertise your concerts and a film about them, if not add to the plot something hot?

The bride star was initially against such a show but, according to friends of the singer, for the sake of his beloved, he is ready for anything.

Confuses fans only fact: there is a ring, the dress chosen, the singer loses weight to Shine at the wedding, only the date of the celebration, about which so much has been written, all no and no! (Read here.)

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