Samburski told how many are willing to dance on the stage

Самбурская рассказала, за сколько готова танцевать на сцене

“Only 2 million?”, – glad it was the fans. There it was! The singer joked. To work on the dancer only she is ready with her lover.

Since the star of TV series “Univer” Nastasya Samburski told about the novel with the participant of “Eurovision” from Belarus Alexander Ivanov, she began to actively promote her boyfriend on Instagram. This time the actress recorded a video with the performance of Sasha. However, the main character of the movie was itself Nastasia.

Girl recorded fragment of a rehearsal, where Sasha sings and she dances. But the artist is not moving in time to the music, but rather the opposite. Anyhow, excitedly picturing the “Gypsy” and something like Terka… And all this in a tracksuit in the background of a pensive Alexander in a simple black outfit.

Work in pairs. One 350 thousand. VDOM .. 2mn

Video published NASTASYA Samburski (@samburskaya) 17 APR 2016 10:32 PDT

“Work in pairs. One 350 thousand. Together with dancers – 2 million”, – said Samburski subscribers.

Fans of the actress appreciated the humor and peppered Nastasya compliments. And some men went even further…

“Nastasia, I’m in love with you, it is rare to meet a beautiful girl with a great sense of humor, all of these would be, especially me,” wrote one of the fans.

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