Lively and Reynolds are getting a divorce after the birth of her second child

Лайвли и Рейнольдс разводятся после рождения второго ребенка

The star couple became parents for the second time on September 30. But to keep the family do not intend to.

Rumors of a rift in the Hollywood couple Blake lively and Ryan Reynolds appear with surprising regularity throughout the year. That’s seriously only a few of them who were perceived as friends of the pair are not talking about divorce! And this despite the fact that just a week ago, the actors once again become parents.

“For Blake all this hard. She didn’t think it would end like this” – quoted by insiders to the Western tabloids.

According to friends, the couple started, even when the stars had just started to live together. Like, the characters are quite different. I am a maximalist in everything, Blake tried to “build” gouging Reynolds that often ended in quarrels.

And even with that the couple learned to cope, only Ryan didn’t stop to stare at other women, what could not fail to enrage lively.

Recently Reynolds imbued with special sympathy to the colleague on the film “Deadpool” Moraine Baccarin and spent a lot of time with her. And lively is not as clean as it might seem. Paparazzi managed to photograph her in the company of a former lover Leonardo DiCaprio.

Recall that Blake lively and Ryan Reynolds met while the actor was still married to Scarlett Johansson, however, the relationship of the spouses was already so bad that the actor went to Blake who is younger than his 11 years.

In 2012, the pair played a secret wedding. Two years later, the couple was born the daughter of James Reynolds. A week ago, Blake became a mother for the second time. However, the pair still keeps in secret the gender and name of the heir. It is worth noting that the birth of the firstborn was also soprovozhdalos big mystery. And the name of the daughter pair was declassified only a few weeks.