Jolie dumped pitt for a married billionaire

Джоли бросила Питта ради женатого миллиардера

Mother heroine was not as noble as everyone thought.

While the world is scratching their heads over the question of what happened between Jolie and pitt, American journalists managed to find out why the actress accuses her husband of all mortal sins. As it turned out, his accusations of assault and alcohol abuse, Angelina wants to hide his own treason!

Yes, the eyes are not deceived. Previously, the public had suspected brad of having an affair with French actress Marion Cotillard, but the star and her husband denied these rumors. In fact, it appeared that Jolie was unable to remain faithful to the spouse. At least that’s what people think journalists who managed to talk close to the stellar family.

Insider has shared with the media information that the very unfortunate scene aboard a private plane when pitt allegedly took a swing at her eldest son Maddox, happened due to the fact that Jolie confessed to him that she loves another man and leaves the family!

Who is he – lover, put an end to krupnomu marriage in show business?

They found a mysterious billionaire from the Middle East, with whom the actress met six months ago at one of the meetings of the United Nations.

According to the source, Jolie and her new friend bonded over charity, some time friends, and then…feelings took over and happened what happened.

It is noteworthy that this story has such a nasty detail is the beloved star married, but it did not stop her.

Now foreign journalists have thrown all forces on search of the mysterious lover of the actress, and she Jolie, meanwhile, continues to blame pitt for the collapse of their marriage. However the message about the change of actress have already influenced public opinion, many people think that brad in this situation was not a tyrant, but a victim of betrayal.