Последние новости Волочковой: свидание, баня и шпагат на коне

Ballerina spent a romantic evening in the restaurant.

She has everything: beauty, talent, temperament. Here are just a simple female happiness in the face of decent men Anastasia can not find it. Suitors in her life appear rapidly, and disappear, often noisily slamming the door behind him. But I guess things change…

In his Instagram dancer posted a photo from a date. To meet Anastasia chose a long evening bodycon dress that accentuates the curves of her figure, with a plunging neckline. Was fully armed, so to speak. Meeting with the young man was held in a very romantic spot in the restaurant on the water. The glassy surface of the river reflects the bright moon and stars, candles on the table set for two, drop a drop of wax, it sounds melodious music, in a vase – two dozen fresh huge white roses… Perfect like in the movies. “It was an incredible night,” signed the ballerina. That’s just who he was, the woman did not specify. And the photographs of the restaurant place opposite Volochkova empty. Maybe a secret companion and the Anastasia don’t want to publicize the relationship so as not to frighten the fragile happiness?

Fans Volochkova instantly pelted her with questions about the stranger. Someone suggested that it said Bugs, partner Volochkova’s play “Came a man to a woman” in the “School of modern play”. They have long been credited with the novel, but Anastasia insists that said they are just very good friends.

It should be noted that before a date Volochkova visited my favorite place – the bath. Should be immediately reported around the world, uploading a picture in a negligee. My Breasts in the photo she shyly covers oak broom. After the steam room, the dancer went in the icy plunge pool.

By the way, all fans of her stretch marks, Anastasia has a surprise. In the Treasury of unusual twines ballerina listed one on horseback. Riding the chestnut stallion, Volochkova could not make his usual exercise.

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