Елена Лядова выложила интимное видео из постели

The actress and her husband Vladimir Vdovichenkov has shown how to look after the party

Elena Lyadova often pleases its subscribers with the pictures with her husband. And each publication actress in social networks is gaining a few thousand likes. This time the star of the series “Infidelity” went on and posted erotic videos with her husband.

The study of family life Elena titled simply – “After the party”. In the video, the star couple is in the bed. Liadov dressed in a short skimpy dress, a naked leg thrown at her husband, his hand clutching the Shoe. Vladimir, who could not bring himself to change clothes before going to sleep, Napping right in the pants and the sweater. Whoopee explicitly managed. As the musical accompaniment sounds like “Mom, I can’t drink anymore” band Aquarium. However, after a few seconds the actors easily jump out of bed and smiles, showing that everything is nothing more than a prank.

@lyadovalena #Vdovichenkov

Video published VdovichenkovVladimir (@vdovichenkovvladimir) Jun 30 2016 at 6:20 PDT

Well, acting the guys not to take. No wonder the other day Lyadova received an award TEFI in the nomination “the Best actress of television film” for her role in the TV series “Cheaters”. After the ceremony Elena shared Woman’s Day your feelings: “Oh, How exciting and wonderful to receive prizes. For artists, it’s very important. I keep the house, in a special glass closet.”

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