Курбан Омаров докажет верность Бородиной на детекторе лжи

Divorce Ksenia Borodina is delayed, the husband intended to return it.

More recently, she has stated that her husband was unfaithful, but because star TV presenter filed for divorce. And today Eid publishes photos of bed Borodina and is preparing to take the test on a lie detector to prove his devotion to his wife.

Recall that the discord in the family leading “House-2” became known in July. Ksenia herself has written on social networks that Eid was cheating on her and their marriage was over. The star was determined, and then… suddenly began to appear photos of Susie and Kurban, any allusions to the reunion of the couple, and one of the friends Omarova and even stated that Kurban just slandered!

“He loves Xenia. This couple was always trying to embroil envious. Kurban sure that he slandered someone psevdodruzey – said Bulat, buddy Omarova, writes StarHit”. — When there was discord, She didn’t even want to listen to the explanations of her husband, and he gave her time to cool down. I saw he was very worried about my girls when they went to rest in Turkey, and there began the fighting. As soon as She arrived, he called and said, “I love you. And to prove his loyalty. I may even have to take the lie detector”.

Apparently, buddy Omarova’s telling the truth. Because yesterday afternoon Kurban shared on Instagram a picture where he’s home at Xenia is lying in bed with the daughter of Theon, and previously published family pictures from the kitchen of Susie.

Leading from the review has so far refrained, however, from her social networks is missing the divorce, which suggests that the pair really went to the world.

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