Королева в шоке: Деми Мур может стать британской принцессой

The heir to the British throne, had an affair with the Hollywood star.

Men of the Royal family and then throw in the hassle of Elizabeth II. First her eldest son Charles after the death of his wife, Princess Diana married his mistress Camilla Parker Bowles. Then grandson William took to marry the girl without pedigree, Kate Middleton, and now the middle son Prince Andrew got out of hand. The heir to the throne fell in love with demi Moore!

Королева в шоке: Деми Мур может стать британской принцессой
Королева в шоке: Деми Мур может стать британской принцессой

If you believe Western tabloids, 53-year-old demi Moore and 56-year-old Prince Andrew have been Dating for a few months. They met at the event in London, attended by members of the Royal family. We started talking, and just a couple of weeks the friendship grew into something more. Than terribly unhappy Elizabeth II.

With his wife the Duchess of York Andrew and I divorced 20 years ago and since then was never able to find a new companion. Demi is alone in 2013, after her divorce from Ashton Kutcher. However, this means nothing when we are talking about the Royal family. Though Andrew and sixth in line, but still a possible heir to the throne, and where it is seen that the future king had relations with a Hollywood actress, which has had three marriage and even problems with alcohol and drugs. This is simply unacceptable!

Partly to understand the anxiety of the Queen mother. Andrew already faulty reputation. That only is last year’s scandal: the American filed a lawsuit against Prince Andrew, saying that he raped her when she was 17 years old. The hype has subsided, the guilt could not be proven, but the precipitate remained…

Since then, Elizabeth II has closely followed the entourage of the son. But who knows, maybe she’ll change the temper justice with mercy, because Kate Middleton, the Queen didn’t like, but eventually managed to find a common language with the daughter-in-law.

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