Курбан Омаров рассказал о жизни с Бородиной и детьми

The businessman has painted the charms of a big family.

It seems that the reunification of Ksenia Borodina and Kurban Omarov has been a long time. The TV presenter and her husband literally flooded their pages in social networks combines citadel’s gate videos. And all of the frames, they have a consistently happy person. A minor setback has definitely benefited from the relationship of the couple. Order bored, the guys are now trying to spend every minute next to each other and with their children and to report to it on the Internet.

This time Eid spoke about the “difficulties” of life in a large family on the example of eating dried fish. “I grew up on the shores of the Caspian sea and are very fond of dried fish, lobster wrote. — It happens, sit down in the evening, lay the paper on the table, pull out a fish and start to clean. Clean wife, then clean the kids, then again my wife because her fish is only the back and tail. Then the children, too sharply, where the bones, don’t want to eat them, too, back, need, clean them new. Then they need to drink and start to swear at me, I got your fish all of them stink, and sitting down to drink tea. Well, I finished everything after they left, rejoicing that we have a large family. Would be small, I would fish professionally have not learned to clean. In all it is only a good must see”. The male part of subscribers supported by the Eid, saying that faced with the same domestic “problems.” And female subscribers will, as expected, in once again wished Omarov and Borodina same idyll in everything.

The secret to a happy childhood. Grab the kids, create a situation and let them to overcome. And even though she’s not real, but they will remember it all his life.

Video published Kurban Omarov (@zimamoscow) 30 Aug 2016 10:29 PDT

To the word with children (by Mary – daughter Ksenia from his first marriage and a lobster – Kurban son from his first marriage. – Approx. Wday) lobster spends all his free time. The other day he took the kids on an ATV in the woods where invented for them a real adventure with the search for mushrooms and loggers.