Краско прокомментировал беременность жены

The birthday of people’s artist of the journalists decided to make him a father”.

In September 2015, Ivan went back down the aisle. The fourth wife of actor became Natalia Shevel… New companion folk artist of his age as many as 60 years!

For a year the couple enjoying life together with each other. It is not surprising that journalists and then to raise a delicate subject. Like, when will the kids? And today, September 23, in the 86th birthday of Ivan Ivanovich, the workers of the pen brought a favorite theme: are there any anticipated in the family paint replenishment?

“Baby she’s not waiting, it’s not true. We want, but don’t hurry,” said the birthday boy.

As to the celebrations, a big party actor do not intend to settle. And if it is to be noted, that only in the presence of drosha.

“Honestly, I don’t like to celebrate his birthday. What is there to celebrate? One thanksgiving, as if at a Wake. Know in advance about what I will say at the funeral, – with irony said the artist. — And to gather with friends is, of course, can and should, sit at the table. But when you start something to say, I say enough, everything is clear, let’s drink to your health. And so to rejoice? Every year care is getting closer and closer,” continued Ivan, misleading dni.ru.