Брэд Питт готов завязать с алкоголем ради Джоли

The actor realized all his mistakes and is ready on all for the sake of the family.

Like an onion, layer by layer, over recent days journalists relished the divorce of Brangelina. Everyone was trying to find the cause of the disorder in the family and, it seems, finally got to the bottom. Still blame brad pitt.

However, it’s not his bit on the side – the alleged home wrecker Marion Cotillard has officially denied an affair with actor – and the fact that brad has a drinking problem. And apparently, rather big.

During a recent flight into Los Angeles a little screwy at first, pitt shouted at the children, and then, according to witnesses, allowed himself more and to dissolve the hands, applying physical violence against them. This was the last straw in their relationship and the reason for Angelina on excitation of criminal case against the spouse and filing for divorce.

Though critics have been saying that the marriage of this couple long ago was bursting at the seams. In fact this incident in the plane was forced Jolie to do what she did. Then on the plane she is like a mother, of course, tried to protect the children from the father. But he continued to fuss even after all the family left the plane. And not only that, the fight was so large, and the situation is ugly, but it became public knowledge! Any person present in the aircraft or on the airfield made an anonymous call to the Los Angeles Department of children and families and told them what happened.

Angelina was furious! She immediately announced to brad that she leaves him, and on Monday, September 19, filed papers in court for divorce. In its statement on divorce as the date on which the spouses no longer live together, it was listed on 15 September – just a day of their argument.

Sober and realizing the scale of the tragedy, brad grabbed his head. Friends of the actor say that he even could not think that his wife will file for divorce. That the documents actually submitted to the court, he learned almost on a par with the world.

“He recognizes the seriousness of the situation, – said the source portal TMZ.com. — But says it did not commit any abuse against children. He was very sorry that his family is trying to present everything that happens in the worst light.”

Now pitt all ways begging angelina to change her mind. They say that he is even willing to undergo treatment to get rid of cravings for booze and light drugs.

“He is willing to undergo treatment from alcoholism and drug addiction – according to sources. He’s still madly in love with angelina, although she sometimes behaves like a crazy person. He adores her and would never hurt her intentionally. He said he will change for the better and, if necessary, will be treated. He knows that he needs to stop and is willing to do it for the sake of the children”.