Не плачьте, девочки! Паттинсон сделал каминг-аут

It’s time to get handkerchiefs. Your dreams to have an affair with the handsome vampire will not come true, even in theory. The actor admitted that the female gender it is no longer interested.

A couple of years ago, such a message would be considered complete nonsense. Firstly, more recently, Robert Pattinson was going to marry the singer Waist Barnett, and before that for a long time he dated a co-worker in the “Twilight” Kristen Stewart. Partners in the vampire Saga have been together for four years, and it is their affair caused no doubt! The guys fought, separated, reconciled – all like normal people.

However, already for anybody not a secret that Kristen Stewart more boys are not interested. After her breakup with Pattinson, the actress has an affair with a film producer Alicia Kargil. Moreover, she recently made her an offer of marriage, and she said Yes!

And now a new sensation. Robert Pattinson supposedly also one of those who prefer same-sex love. It trumpeted Indian website Now88News. Supposedly in the latest interview with Robert gladly told me how he spent a romance with 31-year-old male model brad Owens.

“I’m totally in love with this guy,” said Pattinson in an interview. — At first I was baffled by their emotions and feelings, I didn’t want to lose the female half of their admirers. But after much thought, I decided it was time to make a coming out and to announce it to the public.”

Refute or confirm the news Pattinson is not in a hurry. Although fans of the actor still hope that someone’s evil joke.

“First, the Brangelina broke up. Then the statement of Robert Pattinson. What’s next? We believe that Dwayne Johnson is the tooth fairy?” – ironically on the subject of web users.