Брак Кудрявцевой и Макарова превратился в гостевой

The husband of TV presenter now lives in Ufa, and the leader has to go to him for Dating.

An exemplary wife of the Decembrist Lera Kudryavtsev will not name. And her husband is not a Decembrist, and hockey player. Nevertheless, moving with him, no less. Once upon a time at the dawn of their relationship for the sake of the beloved Leroy moved to St. Petersburg, where he played at the time Makarov. Then together they returned to Moscow, because he has changed the club. And recently the hockey player signed a contract with the team “Salavat Yulaev” and was forced to move to Ufa. Only this time his wife to accompany are unable, Lera remained in Moscow, where she concentrated the whole work: now Kudryavtseva acted in the program of NTV “the Secret million dollar.

And so the marriage of TV presenter and hockey player turned into a guest room. He’s there, she’s in Sochi. Lera even the first time I missed the birthday of my beloved husband! And finally, a month after the separation, she ran to her husband in Ufa on a date.

“I came home from a concert, after 3 hours in the airport. My husband of 1.5 days. Miss you”, signed the first picture from the airport Lera. And later shared a joint photo with her husband: “has not left Yet and I already miss them. #sublimage”.

A long-distance relationship is a serious test for any couple. Some separation makes strangers, others, on the contrary, brings. Because, as you wrote Esenin, “designed parting promises a meeting ahead.” Apparently, Lera and Igor are coping with their share had fallen to test.

By the way, they are not alone in similar conditions. Nikolay Baskov and his girlfriend Sophie do not hurry to move in, and Elizaveta Boyarskaya and Maksim Matveev because of the abundance of work also rarely see each other. And nothing living, and the child manage to educate. So, Leroy, hang in there.