Поклонники готовят петицию против развода Джоли и Питта

Netizens are going to prevent the breakup of the most beautiful couples of Hollywood.

The news about the breakup Jolie and pitt appeared for all 12 years of their life together, exactly as gossip about the love Affairs of pitt. But we must recognize that serious to him, few treated.

Even the couple in the audience always seemed literally shone with happiness. But not this time: September 19, attorney Angie filed on her behalf an application to the court for divorce.

And while some sigh, Yes Ah, others decided to take matters into their own hands. And simply to prevent their separation, collecting signatures for a petition…

“For many years they were the perfect couple example for millions of people from all corners of the planet. Now the whole world can lose faith in love. This should not happen. Together, we can prevent it!” – calls the author of the petition Konstantin Andreev from Zaporozhye.

At the moment, against the divorce of the star couple voted slightly more than 300 people. But Constantine is sure that in a few days the situation will change dramatically… And even though everyone recognizes that it is domestic and personal, fans never lost hope that “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” simply change your mind after seeing how many people around the world still believe in their feelings.

Responded to the imminent divorce of the stars and Sergei Shnurov. However, in his characteristic manner.

“The petition, they sign a petition for any reason. Express and require, resent and resent, send text messages in TV, vote and scribble comments. Are there any results from this flurry of activity? No. Life goes on…” – wrote the actor in his Instagram.

But the leadership of Madame Tussaud’s, it should be noted, is not much ogorchilis. And ordered quickly to place the wax figures of the stars at different angles. And to really anyone and it never occurred to impersonate them together, squeezed still of Robert Pattinson in between.