Брак Джоли и Питта разрушили амбции Энджи

Insiders claim that brad did not give rest to the ambitions of his wife in the UN and its desire to carry children in the refugee camps.

Exactly a week has passed, as Jolie filed for divorce… Since then, paparazzi around the clock duty at the mansion the pair, and news about their quarrels fly on a network like hotcakes. And it seems, finally, not without the help of a couple friends managed to get to the truth. Pitt did not approve of the career ambitions of his wife in the UN. And against the fact that she drives the sons of the refugee camps.

“Pitt believed that Angie is obsessed with the idea to lead the UN. But most of all he was upset that she took the children in war-stricken countries, including to Lebanon and Iraq. Yes, Angie always took care to be accompanied by “best of the best” protection, but for pitt it was not enough,” reports TMZ, citing sources close to the family.

According to the publication, the relationship became even more strained when Jolie had planned a trip with children in Syria.

“And not true when they say that brad didn’t support her charitable activities. Of course it’s not! He just didn’t want to involve the children,” say the insiders.

As far as Jolie and pitt, they are in no hurry to reveal all the cards in front of reporters. And yet brad made the only statement, or rather, asking journalists “to stop stalking their children”.