Ким Кардашьян опять прогулялась без лифчика

TV star made it a rule to appear in public without underwear.

It seems that 35-year-old mother of two children began to suffer a mild form of forgetfulness – not only as Kim kept all her bras at home, so she has to walk around the streets of new York in a sheer bodysuit, showing off photographers chasing her bare chest. Last week Kim does it for the second time.

Of course, the rare girl, losing weight at 30 kg, as did Kim, refused to boast of their achievements, but in the case of Kardashian, you can talk not only about bragging. The biggest celebrity star families are already a professional in the art of manipulation of public attention, she learned to chain it to the person on slight provocation. Including showing off bare chest. Recently, however, Kim began to do it so often that the Western press has become a joke of it to rank as supporters of the feminist movement Free The Nipples (“- – – Bare nipples”) that stand for the right of women to go in public with bare Breasts, as in the hot season sometimes men do. There is a suspicion that the male part of the population is ready is the right of women to enthusiastically support.