Гайдулян устроил свадебную церемонию в Италии

Last week the actor and his girlfriend got married in a Moscow registry office, and the weekend flew abroad, where he organized a magnificent celebration.

About this pair you can definitely say that they passed the fire, water and copper pipes. Andrew Hagolan and his girlfriend Diane for five years that they are together, certainly tested their relations on the strength, so the wedding was the logical conclusion of this love story.

Have registered your relationship you guys last week. Secretly and quietly. The actor and his bride came to the registry office in jeans and white Polo, no one in the painting was not invited, so fans already whispered: I do not whether Diane is pregnant? Why such modesty?

Appeared, much easier. Andrew and Diane chose the wedding walk in Moscow and abroad. And at the weekend the couple flew to the small Italian town of Trani, where he made the ceremony.

“Here it is, happiness, here it is!” – signed one of the wedding pictures of Diana.

For wedding ceremony Diana chose a classic white dress to the floor. As he told a friend of the bride, sewed his girlfriend to order. And it sat perfectly, emphasizing the waist and a magnificent bust of the bride. Other dresses that Diana bought for the shift, yet no one saw.

To the wedding ceremony Andrew and Diana invited the closest friends, among whom, by the way, a colleague at work Giulana Alexei Klimushkin, which in the TV series “Sashatanya” plays his father.