Анна Матисон рассказала, какая она дома с родными

Director and wife of actor Sergei Bezrukov has told how priorities in work and family life.

8 Sep in hire leaves a film of Anna matison “Prokofiev: on the way” is a feature – length documentary about the famous composer. And now the wife of Sergei Bezrukov pause in the shooting: two months ago, they had a daughter Mary.

“Family is always important, it is not even discussed – said Anna in an interview to “Antenna”. — No matter how heavy may be changing, Breakfast should always be, and it is not difficult, believe me. Now working on the script, and this can be at home to do. The next shot closer to the fly. I think we will be able to combine everything. Child I wanted long and strong. Generally good with kids, why I and children’s movies are doing now (preparing for the release of the painting “the Big adventure of a little Sasha Krapivin”. — Approx. “Antenna”). So now I have rather not turned over everything, and in its place arose. Now all is well and right.”

Recall that the news of the birth of a child, Sergei he told followers Instagram and even posted a photo with the baby in hand, and after continued to share snapshots with Mary.

“Sergei really loved by the audience. And the coin has two sides. One is fine, it is open to fans, never give up in sharing a photo or autograph. The other popular cause and high media interest, which are not always correct. When my daughter was born, we got information that the tabloid press is preparing a publication, there is all learned. Decided to avoid distortion, and posted the news themselves. A photo of Masha is a strong word, after all her we couldn’t see. I rented and watched it,” says Anna.

In General, the wife trying to protect her personal life from the attention of strangers.

“There are people who openly share what they are doing. And there are those (and, incidentally, not so little) that it is strange to tell a stranger about relationships with loved ones. I hate to devote his life to outsiders. Serge is the same. We have been in this match, trying to preserve what we have from everyone,” says matison.

By the way, according to Anna, in life it is not peculiar commanding character, which are different Directors.

“I am by nature a gentle man,” she admits. — On-site-no increase, where it may be required, and of this house generally out of the question. There I am a man who cooks, I generally like the house to arrange. I have a clear separation of work and family. And when he changed the name (as in passport I Bezrukova, and matison is now a pseudonym), it has become even more pronounced”.

Анна Матисон рассказала, какая она дома с родными