Гайдулян женился на любимой, которая спасла его от рака

Star of the TV series “Sasha+Tanya” secretly got married with his girlfriend Diana Ochilboy.

It would seem that Andrew is a married man for a long time, and even the son brings. But it is in the series… In life Hagolan has decided to take the step just now. After five years of relationship 32-year-old actor got married with his girlfriend – Diana Ochilboy.

The pair had never liked to talk about his relationship, now is not made the exception: an important event in the life nowhere not even hinted.

In the Moscow registry office, the pair came together for the ceremony called no parents, no friends. Only journalists Life.ru that shot of the newlyweds. Dressed the groom and the bride was not a holiday – in jeans and white Polo. The Bridal bouquet consisted of romashek.

However, the real big wedding with dresses and cake will be, but later will be held on the beach in Italy.

“Dresses the bride will be three. For the ceremony she made to order. It was prepared a few weeks rasseva crystals and glass beads. The second dress made of fine chiffon bought in one known Moscow shops, and the third is comfortable for dancing – ordered online. The groom will be limited to black classic costume expensive Italian brand, ” said a friend of the couple has spent Smirenko “StarHit”.

“I know how Andrew likes Diana. He was to her and dad, and friend. All the best qualities that can be present in the male, collected in Andrew. He and Diana ready to blow off dust particles, so a caring person. It is a pity, of course, that “husband” of his gave, but I’m pretty sure they were made for each other, – has shared with “Antenna” colleague Giulana, actress Valentina Rubtsova. – I want to congratulate Sasha and Diana. For “wife husband” to wish valued, protected each other, was next in a difficult moment. And literally “grew” into each other, the only way to preserve the relationship for life. Well and much happiness. Diana – a man of Andrew. And I’m sure they had to meet.”

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Recall that Andrew and Diane have been together for five years. The couple met in a trendy Moscow club. There is a colleague of Andrew on the series, Vitaly Gogunsky, celebrating a birthday.

Andrew at that time was lonely. But soon noticed a cute girl sitting at the bar surrounded by friends. At first, Diana didn’t even know the guy, Sasha from “University”. But, to the delight of the actor, found out her friend that added him in the eyes of the new acquaintance a couple of extra points.

That evening Andrew from Diana didn’t move, and then picked up the phone. Then there were a few dates, surprises, armfuls of roses and bears. And very quickly the young people came.

“She won me over with its silliness, attitude to life,” says the actor.

However, reckless Diana was around. Somehow joking with Andrew that “it’s over”, as in his native Tashkent, to it boasts of a rich neighbor. But Andrew did not panic and at the same day flew to her parents ‘ house, where it was revealed that his favorite simply played.

Diana and Andrew were in the beginning at all easy. She was born in a wealthy family in Tashkent. Arrived in Moscow to learn, but, have not received, learned to be a master on the nail. Financial daughter was provided by the parents. Diana in Moscow moved only by taxi and for the first time in the subway went down with Andrew.

“It was hard for me. But Diana to me even harder. I was quick-tempered, emotional. And could scream for any nonsense. In the end, we both changed,” says the actor.

All this time the young people almost never parted. Diana went with a favorite on tour, went to all his performances. And terribly was jealous when Andrei is on stage with someone even kissed on the cheek.

But the true test of a relationship was the disease Giulana. Last summer, doctors diagnostically the actor has cancer. But Diana was initially confident of victory over the disease. And her optimism was enough for the two of them.

Diana after her beloved flew for treatment in Germany and took him through the entire course of chemotherapy. In the end, a terrible disease, they won together.

However, later in the relationship still had some “pause”. The beloved star told fans about the breakup. But, to the delight of fans and family, young people quickly realized that can’t live without each other. And got back together.

“Facebook reminds you that exactly 5 years ago, on this day we were happy as ever. @gaydulyan As he knows how to please me, do not forget the surprises. @gaydulyan best because only such a man can meet his old age. He cares for me and I will suffice for many years. It’s nice to remember where we started and how cool the spent always time! Anything can happen, as, indeed, all people. And no matter what, we are together,” wrote some time ago a happy bride on Instagram.