Канделаки спустя год перестала скрывать, что вышла замуж

TV host and General producer “Transaero” has confirmed its status as a married woman.

About my personal life Tina Kandelaki were always many rumours. The TV star was attributed novels with the most influential men, especially after her divorce from the father of her two children by artist Andrey Kondrahina and indeed the host has added fuel to the fire, saying that her husband will be only man ranked in the Forbes list.

But as it turned out, on the personal front, Tina was a full order. And for a long time! But she admitted that married, Kandelaki just now.

The husbands of Tina chose a business partner, now Director of communications, Analytics, and strategic development of rostec,” the 29-year-old Vasily Brovko. Last winter, they officially registered the relationship, but kept it a secret.

“We have been with him for many years,” said Kandelaki in an interview with Starhit. — We are not just together in the everyday sense of the word, together we have grown and developed. He taught me a lot, and I am his. And he knows how to make me laugh.”

According to Tina, the overall work with her husband had taught her above all patience.

“I’m known as the man with the rapidly formulate and voice their own opinions. Now I try before to indicate its position, exhale, and then respond. Rational began to prevail over emotional”, she continued.

But Tina has changed! She still loves to show personal life. And no matter how fans were waiting for a joint photo with her husband, they practically do not exist. But pictures from the gym and working moments abound.

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