Интернет-тролль рассказал о причинах расставания Бородиной и Омарова

A user of one of social networks from the person’s spouse Ksenia Borodina Kurban Omarov said what is happening in their family. Fans of the couple believe that the unknown man told the truth.

Recently in the network there were rumors that the TV reality show the TV host is single again. She stopped to lay out a joint photo with her husband and with the help of Instagram caught him cheating. Like it or not, is unknown. But today Kurban Omarov deleted the microblog account and began answering questions about Xenia to ask.fm.

However, we do not believe that Eid could frankly tell such things about your family all over the country, so, most likely, is none other than the Internet Troll. Although some users believe that the truth in the words of an insider is still there… maybe it’s all the same Eid?

Portal ask. fm Kurban Omarov (or his clone) stated that he deleted microblogging because Xenia, restore it is not going to, but there is a possibility that it will create a new page not for all. The businessman also said that with Borodina and all of her friends, he no longer communicates, but communicates with the daughter of the wife from first marriage, 7-year-old Mary.

Marusya goes against mom calls me on Skype and Thea (the General’s daughter Ksenia Borodina and Kurban Omarov. — Approx. Woman’s Day) takes. Now you might say that Thea still doesn’t understand this Skype, dad needs to be there etc. Thea is a very smart girl, and every time Mary to show her the laptop and there the Skype I talk to her, she reacts very well to my voice, climbs the screen and mutters something on her,” admitted Eid.

In addition, lobster wrote that he was going to pick up a little Thea from Xenia and raise it yourself.

In any case, to believe what is said about the relationship TV presenter and businessman on the Internet, does not make sense. Let’s wait for official news.

Ksenia Borodina and Kurban Omarov, recall, were married in July of 2015. In December they had a daughter, Thea.

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