Чарли Шин рассказал о связи с дочкой министра

However, to the delight of the girl, this was before the actor has contracted HIV.

Each new statement by Charlie sheen louder than the last. And it would seem, what could be brighter than its recognition in the HIV… but no! Recently the actor once again managed to surprise the audience. In the program “an Evening with Charlie Tyre,” he said before telling us about his relationship with the daughter of the Minister.

And bound them, as you know, is not friendship! However, with one caveat. It was 20 years ago. And the Bus was only 30 years…

“There was a girl, about 20 years ago. I can’t say that it was famous, but her father was really known,” said Shin in response to question Morgan about the most famous person with whom the actor was an intimate relationship, and then he added that the affair was “a race to the airport between the Parliament, the security service and Interpol.”

However, to call the name of the actor still afraid.

We will remind, earlier on the TV show, the actor also liked to remember the past. And even once admitted, as he picked up HIV…

“But that night I was too drunk or just too lazy – and here’s the result, without going into details, he said Tires.

However, the actor revealed that, despite a fatal disease, still in love. But says that in advance tells the girls about his diagnosis.

Recall that in early 2010-ies sheen was the highest paid actor the United States through the filming of a TV Comedy “Two and a half men”. However, in March 2011 he was dismissed from the show after obscenely spoke to the producer. Memorable character Charlie sheen tried to recreate in the other series – “Managing anger”, but such success, as “Two and a half men, he had not.

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