Chekhov’s touching confession of love to her husband

Чехова трогательно призналась в любви мужу

The TV presenter wrote ode wife poems.

Social networks have become a platform for public declarations of love. And banal phrase, “I’m Liu” here is no surprise. In the course are creative ideas: from cute videos to sharing photos the hearts. Anfisa Chekhov went ahead and fell in love with her husband Guram in verse.

Anfisa posted a selfie from the Elevator on which the spouse gently holds her waist and kisses her neck. The signature on the SIM romantic reads:

In a world where everything is so old…

Changeable and of course…

Just hold me tight,

Don’t promise me forever!

Just accept my weaknesses,

And give me happiness…

In sorrow with you and joy

Eyes want to see…

I do not know how to respond to an ode to the hero of the work, but subscribers Anfisa was ecstatic. “Very harmonious couple”, “Happy you!”, “How good you are!”, “I admire your couple” are just some of the comments under the post. Someone from fans Chekhova suggested that they Guram are expecting their second child, so tenderly he embraces his wife. Presenter speculation about the upcoming replenishment of the family left without attention.

Recall that Chekhov and Bablishvili got married a year ago, in June 2015, although met before 6 years. In 2012, the couple had a son Solomon.

And, by the way, this is not the first time Naomi has publicly acknowledged spouse in love. A couple of months ago she through the magazine “Antenna” congratulated him on Valentine’s Day:

“I’m not a big master of writing romantic touching lyrics, even my wedding vows was more funny than sentimental. I’d like to tell you, besides that, despite the fact that we already had about six years together, I still with you is never boring, no day of the year! And it’s more important than anything else. Every day with you is like the previous. We can mess around, something funny to say to each other, to come up with some idea. For example, go on courses of violin and saxophone, or to push all the work and leave for a month overseas to teach English, to live in a student hostel… a Real adventure! I never know what tomorrow will bring, we’ll figure it out this time, and I like that”.

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