Вместо Равшаны: Илья Бачурин представил новую подругу

45-year-old CEO of Glavkino” appeared at a social event with a young companion.

Blue-eyed blonde soprovojdali Bachurina dinner organised by one of the glossy magazines. The pair kept up pretty modestly, no hugs and other displays of affection lovers (or maybe just good friends) currently not allowed.

Earlier, by the way, Bachurin has posted a joint photo with a new girlfriend and mutual friends of the Tretyakov gallery, where they went together in the framework of the action “Night in Museum”.

We found out that a friend Bachurina name is Tasha. She’s a model Agency Avant Moscow and, judging by the publication in the microblogging, often goes to the shooting in Paris and Milan, loves art, and does yoga.

Meanwhile, ex-girlfriend Ilya Bachurina actress ravshana Kurkova devotes all his time to the work. Her entire Instagram is filled with pictures of the filming of another project.

Kurkov and Bachurin, recall, announced the breakup after five years of relationship in early may. “Ilia broke up, but I did not comment,” said Ravshan website HELLO.RU. Fans celebrities, of course, were in shock. Previously, young people never talked about their problems, on the contrary, was always smiling and looked happy. Moreover, they looked lovely together and repeatedly won in the nomination “the Most beautiful pair of show business”.

By the way!

Some time ago it became known that after 15 months of married life broke up another beautiful couple – 52-year-old johnny Depp and 30-year-old amber heard. The initiator of the divorce was heard. She filed for divorce three days after the death of the mother of Depp Betty sue Palmer. The reason for his action, the actress has described as “irreconcilable differences”… read More here.

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