Бондарчук ждет одобрение сына, чтобы жениться на Паулине

Now for sure! The famous producer romance with a young actress.

The news that the 49-year-old Fedor Bondarchuk’s Dating 27-year-old Paulina Andreeva appeared in the press after the announcement of his divorce with his wife Svetlana after 25 years of marriage. However, few people then believed that the Director was keen on a young actress and is even going to take her to the registry office. But as they say, in our world everything is possible…

A few days ago Fedor is officially supported by Paulina on her performance “Dreamworks. A dream comes true” in the Chekhov Moscow art theatre. And today his friend, who wished to remain anonymous, told reporters the truth about the relationship of the Director and an aspiring actress.

“On may holidays Fedor took Paulina to relax on the Seychelles, – told “Komsomolskaya Pravda” a friend of the Director. They rested at the Villa in complete privacy. Fedor admitted that he is very happy. His son Sergei from Svetlana Bondarchuk skeptically accept the new relationship of the father, and Fedor all the mind understands, but says: the heart wants what it wants. Admits: “I’m from Paulina fool!”

Also a friend of Fedor told that the marriage of Bondarchuka and Andreeva is not far off. The Director is waiting, when his ex-wife Svetlana and children rest and accept his new beloved. A feast for the whole world, according to the source, Fedor roll, they will sign with Pauline quietly.

This Bondarchuk does not consider that dumped her because of Paulina. His relationship with his ex-wife deteriorated long before he met the young actress.

“We’ve been recently discussing with Fedor and company working time – continued a familiar Bondarchuk. – Someone suggested the plot for the film (in fact, it was improvisation on the theme of family relations the novel): the husband and wife fought, the wife has a lot invested in her husband, and when he got up and got stronger, left her. And the result is not he runs for the wife and she after him and trying to get it back. But Fyodor responded sharply. Said that in this context, initially as a male character is the villain, does not cause sympathy, and what is the meaning of it to her to achieve, to chase the past… And added: if you are referring to me, I never quit”.

And finally, the source revealed that Fedor is planning a new project with Paulina. Despite the fact that he admires her work and therefore not always objective, in the work of the Director beskompromissnym, so from the creative Duo Bondarchuk-Andreev can get something interesting.

An official statement about the break-up of Fedor and Svetlana Bondarchuk, recall, appeared in the magazine HELLO!, editor is Svetlana, in early March of this year.

“With love and gratitude to each other, lived together for years, still remaining close friends, maintaining mutual respect and love for our families, we, Fedor and Svetlana Bondarchuk, to announce: we have decided to divorce. The time we spent together was wonderful, but today we went our separate ways – this fact does not have any conflicts, grievances, or conflicts. We are no longer a couple but remain friends,” – said in the message. Read more HERE.

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