Halle berry started in Instagram with nudity

Холли Берри начала в Instagram с обнаженки

The actress joined the popular social network.

The first photo and erotica. Although in these times is quite modest. The only black Actresses of the owner of the award “Oscar” got its own page on Instagram and so far there only is a photo of Hallie and captured at least Topless, but from behind.

“Hi everyone! – writes in the signature 49-year-old actress. – Welcome to my page! Today is very exciting for me – I’m going to share with the world photos that reflect my emotions and inner world. I admire photography that allows you to reflect the amazing world in which we live. I will share with you their love of nature, art, fashion. I hope that these images will become objects of discussion and will bring you moments of joy”.

Well, let’s hope that will please us actress and photos of their children – 8-year-old Nala Ariela Aubrey and 2-year-old Maceo Robert Martinez.

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