Hugh Jackman brought in the rule of happy family life

Хью Джекман вывел правило счастливой семейной жизни

The devoted husband of Hollywood knows of what she speaks! This year he and his wife Deborrah-Lee Furness celebrates 20 wedding anniversary.

Not all couples get divorced. Many saw each other again and live together for the rest of his days. And for example not far to seek. Look at 48-year-old Hugh Jackman and his wife Deborra-Lee Furness.

“What is your life motto?” – recently asked the actor journalists.

“Happy wife, happy life,” immediately replied Hugh Jackman.

Hugh, by the way, in all his conversations with reporters talking about his beloved wife. And in a recent broadcast the Ellen show DeGeneres admitted that Deborah was the best thing that happened in his life.

“My wife is the best thing that ever happened to me. I met her at my first job. She was a star. I was so embarrassed, didn’t say a word to her in the first week. Then I invited her and another 20 people for lunch. There I drank and said, “I fell in love with you”,” confessed Hugh Jackman.

Also the actor said that the age difference (older Deborra Hugh for 13 years) its never bothered. “I saw a woman and fell in love. And who cares how old she is?” he said.

Hugh Jackman and Deborrah-Lee Furness, recall, were married in April 1996. They have two adopted children – 15-year-old Oscar and 9-year-old Ava.

Recently it became known that Hugh is the fifth time in the last two years went under the surgeons knife in the fight against skin cancer. According to recent reports, now his life is not in danger, but the actor never tires of repeating in his microblog that all people protected the skin from the sun and more frequently visited a doctor (read HERE).

Also recently, the actor became the hero of all news. And not just so, and once done a noble thing: tourists rescued! Jackman, while relaxing with family on one of the beaches of Sydney, during the storm saw that the man and his daughter can’t get out of the water. Then he dropped everything, risked their lives and helped drowning to get to shore.

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