Гарик Харламов рассказал, как выбирал себе жену

Resident of Comedy Club said that, as any man, chose a wife with his eyes.

Despite the role rude narcissistic playboy with a great sense of humor and a share of vulgarity, in the shower Garik – vulnerable and sensitive. For several years he does not pay attention to women other than his wife.

But who would have to decide what’s initially-that he noticed not the rich inner world of Kristina Asmus and her beautiful legs…

“I will tell a banal thing: the man loves eyes. And about my wife: like her hair, eyes, nose, ears, hands, incredible legs. In short, I liked everything!” – Garik admitted in an interview with MAXIM magazine.

But then he added that, though very badly, is not ready to be a hero. Moreover, according to “actions in the name of love a relic of the past”, and men, ready to sacrifice everything for the beloved, dinosaurs.

“Recently I watched a program about how the huge argentinosaurus was looking for a pair. The female stood in the middle of the jungle, turned his head and uttered a distinctive sound, which ran all the surrounding males. But there can be only one, right? To possess a lady, it was necessary to destroy opponents physically. So they fought to death. So in the end the strongest male, the whole broken, perekoshennyy, until it barely crawled and already had to make the case – that it is folly for love,” said the showman, and then compared these historical data with our reality.

“Women want to see in us some superheroes, but men – this is about something else, we are activated at the moment of honeymoon period to ward off other males, like Old Spice, in the end. And then, when the woman decided the man calms down, have a family now, everything is arranged, and in that moment turns on this most itching in women, she wants more drama, nerves, and, of course, that it sought, praised,” said Kharlamov. But further reasoning on this subject decided abstained. Apparently, he remembered that he had to go home…