Бывший муж Лопыревой бросил новую подругу

The girl confessed that he expected to receive a proposal of marriage…

26-year-old player of the national team of Russia Fedor Smolov has always enjoyed the attention from women. And the relationship with the beauty of Victoria and lopyrevoy, it seems, only added a couple of extra points… and grieved after leaving it for long. And found solace in the arms of another model – girlfriend Katie Topuria, Miranda Selii. Only here the relationship ended as quickly as it had begun. The girl confessed that they fled.

“Fyodor threw me? Yes, he left me,” – said Miranda its subscribers in the Periscope.

And when the fans did not let up and tried to extort her as much detail as possible, in particular, wondered, dreamed ever of Miranda that she will marry Theodore married Shelia laughed out loud.

“Of course, I thought, but, unfortunately, he dumped me,” she said. And judging by the unnatural laughter of the girl, it really hurt her.

It is curious that from the page model on Instagram at the same time seemed to have evaporated all pictures of couples. And in a recent journey to Georgia girl went alone.

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However, the fans together with Miranda grieve not steel. On the contrary, began to assure the beauty that the athlete is simply not worthy of it.

“But the main thing is that everything turns out for the best!” “He’s not worthy of you, what do you see in him!?” – they noticed.

Smolov, meanwhile, remains on the sidelines. And prefers not to comment on the breakup.

Who is more suitable to Frank Smolova?

  • Бывший муж Лопыревой бросил новую подругу
    Victoria Lopyreva

  • Miranda Shelia

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