Горячо: страстный поцелуй Летучей с женихом

The TV presenter was no longer ashamed to show their feelings in public and shared with fans a pretty spicy picture.

Women’s logic is incomprehensible. First presenter how could you hide your fiance from prying eyes, even talking about it were afraid, and now every day he brags. That will show the world his biceps, then tell me, what’s she’s got a great surfer. And now began publicly to Express her feelings to him!

“My surfer back” – shared-Bats, the passionate kiss with a loved one.

Where are the strict auditor? It seemed like more fuss to face Olga Buzova and Lena Flying like entirely different test, a more practical. But love, and the hot sun melting everything. And TV is no exception. In the Seychelles, where now rest the Flying and her fiance Yuri Anashenkov, the girl completely relaxed. And a bikini demonstrates, and feelings. At this rate, we’ll know about this couple all.

Everything except the wedding date. At least one affair while Bat managed to save. Offer hands and hearts Yuri Anashenkov made his beloved on Valentine’s Day, February 14. Since then, all just waiting, when will be marriage. But about it while the couple is silent.

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