Бывший отомстил Борисовой, выложив в сеть ее «голые» фото

Candid pictures went viral like hotcakes.

Such fame a glamorous blond just never wanted to. Popular TV presenter suddenly became the object of everyone’s discussion. Unknown posted shocking pictures – they depict are Given in a negligee and in very risque poses.

As the shocking footage hit the net is anyone’s guess. For example, in the British tabloid The Sun, who published the scandalous photos, I think that the pictures posted online hackers, natanya, for a moment, the ex-spouse Borisova. The culprit of the hype meanwhile, this version completely rejects. Say, do not blame the hacker, and her ex-boyfriend, not the Andrey Tyshchenko(!)

“The Sun I remember very well, because we read it in the journalism. It is the largest edition so I was flattered that I was called the most beautiful Russian TV presenter. the photos that are printed there, they have long gone. I have a husband not a suspect. Most likely, this young man from the Far East, with whom I have relations, – said Borisov, writes a site “Komsomlskaya truth”. — I have no proof of his guilt, but I think it is… I’ll figure it out”.

In the meantime…

While former leading popular taking revenge on her for doing long minusy years, Dana is enjoying a new relationship. Most recently, she showed her new boyfriend – captain of the hockey club of artists “the mosquito” by Alexander Morozov. And I think the choice totally in love with the blonde. He gives her not only his attention, but with generous gifts. For example, Volvo, the cost of which exceeds four million rubles.