Прохор Шаляпин и Лариса Копенкина снова вместе

However, not in personal and professional life.

The relationship of the couple resembled a soap Opera, the plot of which was watched by all country. First, everyone discussed their age difference of almost 30 years, then their wedding, then a scandalous divorce and the betrayal of Prokhor. In General, the passion boiled serious. But it seems that the point has been delivered in 2015. And last year everybody is looking forward to when u marry the mother of your child Anna Kalashnikova.

But this guy does not live quietly. Every day, the hype around it. The child Kalashnikova not from him, from him – you can get lost. And now a new sensation: Chaliapin and Larisa Kopenkina back together. However, not in life and on the screen.

Former spouses will have my own show on NTV channel. The format of the program is similar to the transfer of “Male/Female” on the First channel. Prokhor and Larissa will invite to the Studio heroes, including star, from which something happened in his personal life, and help them to understand the problem.

“She is a wise woman. She had long forgiven Prokhorov, – said a friend of Kopenkina angelina, writes StarHit”. — And when they last month was invited to lead a program on the Federal channel, they unanimously answered “Yes.” A great opportunity to finally prove myself in the role of entertainer! Larissa, well, it’s new. She had not thought to link the future with the TV – still works in real estate Agency, it succeeds in its endeavours. But fate threw a chance, and they need to use it.”

Release date program aired is still unknown. Next week the fate of the hour show will decide the top management of the channel.