Two loneliness: Jolie became close with Depp

Два одиночества: Джоли сблизилась с Деппом

After a high-profile breakup with brad Angie seeks solace in the company of a friend.

After the statement about the divorce, which she filed on September 19, in the family everything changed. Journalists pursue a couple of hours, in the end, Jolie and the kids were forced to move to a mansion in Malibu. There, Angie has found support from his close friend, 53-year-old johnny Depp. They obviously have something to discuss. Because johnny not so long ago, and he was again a bachelor.

Friends of the actress say that Depp called angelina Jolie as soon as I learned about its problems. And yet the feelings that they share only a friendly. However, fans do not exclude that everything might change. The more that some do believe that the explosive and impulsive “pirate” is more suitable actress in temperament than the guy brad.

“Mutual feelings johnny and Angie are still only a Platonic friendship, however, we do not exclude the possibility that this pair may eventually move their relationship to a new level”, – said one of the friends of Angelina, in an interview with British newspaper The Sun.

Well, no wonder they say that loneliness brings. After all, Depp not long ago and he went through a difficult separation from the herd. The girl has accused the star of assault, but lawyers Depp called sensation desire amber to become famous…