Euroinox has established a special prices on stainless steel concentric reducers

Euroinox установила специальные цены на нержавеющие концентрические переходы

The company Euroinox announced the launch of sales at special prices dozen items from a catalog of products sold. The list includes details of pipelines, pipe profile and round several diameters of hard alloy alloy.

Products from stainless steel alloys are successfully used in the creation of engineering networks in the utilities sector and industrial enterprises of different industries. Sufficient strength and resistance to corrosion of pipelines, the construction of which uses pipes and fittings from a unique alloy containing at least 12% chromium to ensure a long life of systems.

The company offers high-quality Euroinox stainless steel products and stainless steel products from famous European factories. A wide range of tubes to meet the need and installation firms in the materials for the construction of engineering systems of the enterprises of gas – and oil processing, food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

Steel transitions of various sizes included in the list of products on they are necessary for joining two pipes of different diameter or to connect a pipe to any device having a different diameter. Concentric reducers provide a smooth change of the diameter of the tubing, but the stainless material allows the use of such fittings to work in highly aggressive environments.

The provider collaborates with large and small consumers of steel products, all goods provides quality certificates. Products from stainless steel alloys are supplied in the regions. Company representatives promptly process customer orders. The warehouse stock is calculated on both large and small parties. The goods are stored at bases in Moscow and in St. Petersburg.

Euroinox offers mutually beneficial terms of cooperation. The purchase of pipes and fittings at special prices reduces costs for repair and construction works and increase their capital efficiency.