What is better: a convection heater or an infrared heater?

Что лучше: конвектор или инфракрасный обогреватель?

Centralized heating system is not always doing its job. Therefore heating appliances are not uncommon. We compare the two main ones.

Что лучше: конвектор или инфракрасный обогреватель?

The website Prison compared two common heater: convector and infrared heater to enable you to make a confident purchase.

The work of the convector

The first consideration priceok.ru heater-convector. The operation principle consists in mixing the mass of cold and hot air. Experts remind that to leave it unattended not worth it. Efficiency of the device is 55 %. The materials used in production, are resistant to external factors, corrosion resistance. Heating element hidden inside and not in contact with the housing, so installation does not require grounding. In the course of long operation the casing is heated to a temperature of +55 °C. Warm air out of the lattice, circulates in the room and quickly heats the room. If the model is equipped with a thermostat, the device automatically switches off upon reaching a certain temperature.

But along with the air rising up the dust that poses a danger to people with allergies. As the warm air rises to the ceiling, you have to spend more resources for full heating. The costs are considerable: for 10 sq m you will require a heater with a capacity of 1.3 kWh.

The action of the infrared heater

The principle of operation of the infrared heater substantially different from the previous model. Long-wave radiation heats the surrounding objects, and is not absorbed by the air. That is, initially heats the objects (furniture, walls), which subsequently for a long period of time give off heat to the room.

Infrared heater is a common heater, the choice of which is huge, especially in large stores in Moscow. Has no components that can break, so many say absolutely safe operation. Brilliant invention — mount heater in the ceiling, warming the room evenly, while the territory was still free. Heating starts immediately after switching on. Compared to a convector here energy is saved by 25-40 %.

The heater is cheaper, but save electricity with it will not work. Infrared heater can be built into the wall and make more space, but the heater can be moved around the house. The heater is not desirable to leave unattended, while the infrared heater can be installed even in the nursery.