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Рейтинг торцовочных пил Энкор

Anchor — domestic manufacturer that has the largest nomenclature of the Russian instrumental goods.

Creating products under its own brand name, today the company employs more than 1 000 titles, among which pride of place belongs to cross-cut saws. Saw the encore at voronezh.aport.ru it is possible to examine and also view reviews.

The TOP 5 miter saws anchor

Mitre saws are widely used for construction and carpentry work. They can be used to make window frames, door frame, boards for flooring and many more. These models are characterized by high speed, accuracy and reliability. Below is the list of models, encore, which, according to the site Aport, perfectly cope with the tasks assigned to them.

ENCORE Corvette-7

The model has widespread applicability: cutting soft and hard wood, cut at an angle, obliquely, the combined sawing, the ability to cut plastic, laminate, particleboard. Convenient when working with materials of large dimensions. Used extraction system for keeping the workplace clean. The life of the engine — 4 200 rpm, capacity 1 800 W blade diameter — 305 mm.

Encore Corvette-8M

Compact model, equipped with a commutator motor power of 1200 watts. As the previous model, capable of sloping, combined and cut at an angle. Allows to process all kinds of wood and plastic and laminate. Her feature — ease of carrying, weight — 7.8 kg blade Diameter — 210 mm, 2 brushes and a dust collector.

Anchor Corvette 5P

Used for cutting pieces of soft and hard wood. The manufacturer took care of the security model, staffed its protective casing. There’s a laser beam that indicates the location of the cut. With his help, the cut becomes more accurate, eliminating errors. From small chips and wood can be easily removed with a dust collector. The saw has a low noise in comparison with analog models. Capacity 1 650 W, disc diameter — 225 mm.

Encore Corvette-4M

Saws not only wood but also plastic, aluminum profile, plastic with the help of special equipment. Saw has a modest size (800×490×420 mm) and relatively light weight (16.5 kg). High power (800 W 1) provides productive work. The diameter of the cutting wheel is 255 mm. as well As the Corvette 5P, equipped with a laser for precision work.

Anchor Corvette 8-31

Running at high speed (5 000 rpm). Under the conditions of security allows you to process a large number of materials (wood, plastic, etc.). No laser, but the price is very attractive. Provides faster cutting Board along. Among other advantages: small size, versatility.

A list of these models is not exhaustive: manufacturer anchor there are many other saws. To see the range of these products and compare their price on the site http://voronezh.aport.ru/.