Cords told, when they with her a little

Шнуров рассказал, когда у них с Матильдой появится малыш

The leader of group “Leningrad” has hinted at the upcoming replenishment in the family, explaining why children are better than cats.

Sergey Shnurov is a famous cat lover. Recently on his page on Instagram, the musician posted another photo with home darling named Vasilisa. That’s just his post was not dedicated to Burmese beauty, and with her future children.

“If you began to fall the number of likes in Instagram, so it’s time to get a dog or a cat. For a while they will be able to raise the ranking of your page. But it will pass. The puppy or kitten grows up, and his minimisethe will decrease, and as a consequence again will decrease the number of likes under your photos. Then you need to get the last trump card – the children! – said Cords. – To have a lot of them at once is impossible, will scare away subscribers. Start with one and gradually increasing their number. Kids like it almost as readily as Pets, even a little better. When you stop liking your kids, try again to have Pets, and there grandkids arrive”.

In General, intrigued! Subscribers, of course, appreciated the joke of Sergei, but subtle hints of the musician did not understand – decided to clarify.

“Sergei, may I congratulate you?” – I asked one of the fans of the musician. Cord but left his question unanswered. And away they went.

“Why talk about the children? The addition to the family is planned or not?” – wrote some.

“Now I’ll wait for your photo with the child, at least in diapers. Like guarantee. Only question, when?” – freaked out others.

In the end, the Cords gave in and asked: “Sergey, and when you have kids?” answered: “When other arguments will not be”

In the end, the Cords gave in and asked: “Sergey, and when you have kids?” answered: “When other arguments will not.”

Briefly and clearly. By the way, while the Cords do not hurry to raise the rating of your page at the expense of children. Even after all the recent news about the wedding of his eldest daughter, 23-year-old Seraphim, too, turned out to be fake, what Sergey then happy to write you one very ironic poems.

But not all adhere to the strategy Shnurov. For example, Yana Rudkovskaya, producer of Dima Bilan and the wife of figure skater Evgeni Plushenko, willingly puts the web pictures of his younger son Sasha. And even created a separate page for that on Instagram. And recently, Ian was pretty intrigued fans with talk of a younger brother for three-year Sasha.

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