Brezhnev touching Meladze congratulated happy birthday

Брежнева трогательно поздравила Меладзе с днем рождения

Today, 11 may, the producer and composer Konstantin Meladze was 53 years old. One of his first, of course, congratulated the wife of Vera Brezhnev.

On his page in Instagram Faith posted a picture of Constantine and called him a very special person…

“A special person! Special birthday! Congratulations the world!” – posted by Vera Brezhnev in the social network and put the hashtag #Camillucci.

Congratulations to singer immediately joined in and her fans. Mostly all wanted Meladze-senior strong health, inspiration and happiness with Vera Brezhneva.

Speaking of happiness Meladze and Brezhnev. As you know, they were secretly married in 2015 and then for a long time refused to talk about their relationship. “Happiness loves silence” – often repeated Belief and evaded the question about his third marriage with producer.

Only recently Meladze and Brezhnev has ceased to hide their feelings and appeared together in the programme “Tonight” on the First channel. In the broadcast they first talked about their wedding and life together. Furthermore, the king publicly confessed Faith in love and said that she changed his life.

“I admire her every day, every hour. Faith has a big heart, she tries to help everyone, finds people who need her help. Faith has amazing energy. Looking at her, and I’m getting better. Before I met Faith, I like a snail, lived in its shell and only with her arrival came out,” admitted Meladze. Read more here.

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