Confessed! Cotillard told about sex with pitt

Во всем призналась! Котийяр рассказала о сексе с Питтом

On the eve of the premiere of the film “Allies” the French actress revealed the secrets to filming sex scenes.

On December 1 in the Russian cinemas will start rolling tape “Allies”, where brad pitt and Marion Cotillard starred in it. Recall that this movie was the reason for the rumors about the affair of the actors. Even suspected that the French not only brought discord in the family of Jolie and pitt, but also pregnant with his child.

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After this gossip Marion press was shunned. But why not do it for the advertising campaign of the upcoming film, especially that the world premiere will take place on November 23. At the press conference the actress was asked not only about her character, the journalists could not resist and asked a few questions about what it’s like to be in bed with pitt. And Marion answered!

“We’ve been rehearsing every scene, to bring the process to perfection, but then we were given freedom. When you know exactly what will do your body, you can play and to give freedom to the senses, the emotions, and not to think constantly about “What will I do next? I’m going to sit on him?” Of course, there were many awkward moments. To overcome this feeling of shame, we laughed a lot, and then looked at each other, and I said, “Okay, this is weird. But now I sit on top, and we kiss”.

Sure girls, go crazy over pitt, just won’t understand Marion. What a shame, what embarrassment, when there such a man?

However, the French actress is actually in an awkward position for several months, and the reason for those rumors about her on-screen and real affair with brad. When the gossip reached its climax, the pregnant star even had to make an official announcement.

“Many years ago I met a man, the father of our son and the child we expected. He is my love, my best friend, the only one I needed. And I really want Angelina and brad, whom I deeply respect, came to the world in this difficult moment,” said star.