Nadia from Comedy Woman told about a former Ravshan

Наденька из Comedy Woman рассказала о бывшем Равшаны

Nadezhda Sysoeva for the first time commented on the upcoming event.

For several months over the network spread the rumor that in Comedy Woman on one unmarried girl will become less. Allegedly, the actress, shows Nadia Sysoeva were going to get married. And the choice was producer Ilya Bachurin, who, for a long time was listed in the grooms, the actress Ravshan Kursovoy.

A few have noticed the secular get-togethers and events, but Ilya and Nadia their relationship is not commented. Meanwhile, the information appeared that creative people already live together and that’s going to make the relationship.

But the reality was not so rosy. We will not see soon Nadia in a white dress with a veil.

“We are not planning a wedding. Have no idea who and why is spreading these rumors!” – said Sysoev Days.Ru. And Ilya and all were dismissed, they say, it’s all nonsense.

And melted the tale of a great wedding as the first snow. But maybe it’s not so easy, and a couple of specially shrugs off questions because he wants to arrange a holiday for two and not turn a celebration into a farce?