Бойфренд избил беременную Линдси Лохан: видео

The scandalous story about the fight of Hollywood actress with a Russian suitor is cluttered with new hard-hitting details. Accidental eyewitnesses captured the moment of the fight couples.

Of course, this strange pattern is difficult to call this fight. First we see of the car from the Lohan crashes the mobile phone, then on the passenger seat there is some kind of romp. Egor leaves and goes to the phone behind him and runs out Lindsay and trying to grab mobile first. Egor takes his tightly, wringing the actress’s hand, then she relaxed step returns to the car and sits down. That’s about it.

Yes, the guy is very rude, but still nothing is clear. Why the actress did not run away, and got back in the car? What the fight was about?

The British tabloid was able to talk with Lohan. Reporters the girl said that he and Egor were planning on getting married in may and even managed to choose the venue – the picturesque lake Como in Italy. According to Lindsay, she wanted to settle down and have children, Egor desires were the same, but then the actress learned about the change, and then off we go.

The couple made a crack during their joint holiday on the Greek island of Mykonos. Here the lovers with a group of friends celebrated the 30th anniversary of the actress, Lindsay immediately caught the companion in treason and was first accused of assault and battery.

“He was not himself, very aggressive and attacked me,” she confessed to reporters.

And later the star has said that it expects Tarabarova child. However, this information was refuted by the girl’s mother. Dina Lohan has confirmed that the pregnancy was not, and Lindsay made up that story because that is the crazy stress after a quarrel with the groom.

The actress dad Michael Lohan is so restrained was, he vowed to beat Egor if he went near his daughter.

Meanwhile, Lindsay herself started drinking again, Smoking and drunk to pose for the paparazzi. This behavior of the daughter, her mother also blamed on stress, saying that because the girl wants to show former lover and the pain he caused her.

The public is perplexed. The video with the most “fight” has already been seen by nearly half a million people, and many a reasonable question arises: “what is it, where you are in the fight?”

Some even suggest that the events developed as follows: Tarabanov caught pokemon, and Lindsay wanted to catch one and threw his phone. So all the fuss.

We can only guess whether they will reconcile or note this controversial novel of a Hollywood star and a Russian millionaire come to an end.

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