Дешево и сердито: сын гитариста Pink Floyd женился голышом

What will be the honeymoon lovers, it’s frightening to imagine…

While some stars are measured, whose daughter or son’s wedding is steeper and pamputae, some prefer to save and not spend, even the groom’s suit and bridesmaid dress. As the stepson of the legendary guitarist of Pink Floyd, Charlie Gilmore.

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Charley’s native son David from the writer Polly Samson (Gilmour married her when the boy was three), but the disposition he had become rock music played by the stepfather. At 25 the guy has been in prison for vandalism, several times distinguished in the student demonstrations-protests that did drugs… And he loves to be photographed naked. So recently all the social network discussed the next pictures puteshestviya David in Europe. Most fans volkolupova stars Instagram, of course, liked the scenes with David on the grass and… in the buff.

In General, to call him a model son not dare. Even his own wedding, held recently, a young man turned into a farce, the public will not soon forget.

The ceremony itself was in the style of a hippie. It took place in West Sussex, a County in the South of England. Married young in nature. He is in a modest shirt and cropped trousers, she in a black dress with colourful flowers on the head of the bride, groom and all the guests were wreaths, shoes on the feet was absent. Quite a nice picture, isn’t it?

But then the couple got down. In order to seal their Union, they undressed. (Guests were waiting for the heroes in the water, however, they were in bathing suits.) And the newly minted husband and wife jumped to them completely naked, except that the wreaths on the head left!

What will be the honeymoon lovers, it’s frightening to imagine, but it is clear that they are not exactly threatening excess baggage. Judging by the behavior of the spouses, the clothes they are unlikely to be useful.

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