Бородина рассказала, как ей удалось помириться с мужем

After high-profile breakups TV presenter admitted that she helped them with her husband to establish a relationship.

Some time ago, all were discussing a possible divorce Ksenia Borodina with her husband Kurban Omarov because of his infidelity. The presenter even hired a lawyer who would be able to help her in the divorce process, but fortunately, the couple managed to survive this ordeal and save the relationship.

What happened, what the situation is suddenly resolved and the couple were able to reconcile, it was still not known. But as it turned out, the reason is sincere and strong feelings of Xenia and Kurban that much overrated, being on the verge of divorce. Most importantly, they understood: happiness love peace.

“Next there are always those who like to spoil the life of others with their gossip and intrigue. It so happened that at the time of our Kurban lapping such people were in the area – said the TV star. — Wedding, pregnancy, birth of a child – we have it all happened very quickly, we don’t even really have time to be with each other. Of course, something was to blame us, but, thank God, found the strength to understand what is happening, to understand that we love each other, and move on. The most important lesson for us was the realization that happiness still likes silence. If I don’t post for a few days photo Eid in Instagram, it does not mean that we parted, as I think many of my subscribers, explained in an interview with star magazine “the House-2″. — Just don’t want to devote all of privacy. The less people know, the more we sleep”.

The fans are absolutely delighted that the TV presenter and her husband were able to overcome the crisis in relations. And after a few months of separation reunited. Moreover, I decided to start a relationship with a clean slate and in a new place. Eid took Xenia Marusya and Theon of Moscow apartments in a country house in the suburbs, where they quietly spend time together away from prying eyes and rumors.

We will remind, Xenia and Eid were married in July of 2015. And in December of the same year the couple was born the daughter of Theon (Thea). For both the girl became the second child. Borodin from his first marriage with businessman Yuri Budagov daughter Mary, and Kurban from a previous relationship, had a son Omar.