Джоли игнорирует Питта и не дает видеться с детьми

A week and a half ago Angelina along with the children and servants moved out from her husband in her rented mansion in Malibu.

Yeah, Angelina Jolie trifled with. Quarrels, as it turned out, is even more expensive. Brad pitt already knows how to beg forgiveness from his beloved wife. Promises to quit alcohol, is even ready to the clinic to lie down. But the actress is behaving like an impregnable fortress.

Immediately after filing the divorce papers, Jolie has collected things and with the children and servants moved to her rented mansion in Malibu worth 95 thousand dollars per month. They say Angie took it off a few weeks before the quarrel, which once again proves that the actress has long been planning to break up with her husband.

“Angelina repeatedly threatened to divorce him, but brad never thought she’d actually do it – tell friends, pitt. When he found out that she filed, I was absolutely crushed and cried. He was caught off guard and didn’t expect that she’ll do it secretly”.

Well, filed for divorce, but the end is not yet, thinks probably pitt. However, in reconciliation, while hard to believe. Jolie did not respond to attempts by brad to keep the family together. On the contrary, in every possible way to avoid it. She put his phone number in the blacklist and won’t answer my calls, nor text messages. Therefore, the actor is already a week and a half can not see the kids, what terrible experiences calling all girlfriends of the wife to see the boys.

“He’s been pretty depressed. Not eating, not sleeping and very worried because of this situation, – says one of the friends of pitt. Is he bitter that Angelina made their divorce to the public but still put it before the whole world an alcoholic and a man dangerous to their own children. I know brad 12 years, that he is a bad father, “the perfect lie”.

This fact was confirmed by law enforcement. It became known that the case of cruel treatment of children against pitt won’t start. Police reviewed the security footage of what is happening on Board the plane and the verdict: brad was drunk and got in a huge fight with her son, but no physical contact between them this time was not.

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