Ученые выяснили, почему не стоит общаться с бывшими

The American experts have proven that communication with ex-lover threatens current relationship.

Many believe that a good relationship with the former partner is a significant plus for your reputation. Like, we’re both lovely people, just not together. Like brad pitt with Angelina Jolie. So we just be friends. But, it turns out, all is not so simple…

Scientists from the University of South Florida conducted a study to determine how people actually perceive the contact with the former.

In the experiment, was attended by about 450 people who answered honestly to personal questions. And it turned out that the previous partners are perceived primarily as “alternate” if suddenly with the new something went wrong.

It is therefore not surprising that, as shown by statistics, are less likely to contact with his ex are those who are married or engaged.

In General intercourse with the former continued the 40 percent of respondents, and almost all (93 percent) started doing this after only a few months after the breakup.

Science such links does not approve. According to psychologists, contact with the previous partner devalues the current relationship, “a family friend” is the second half as a threat and creates discomfort. In addition, the study showed that, when dealing with the former, people often continue to experience them romantic feelings and hurt about the breakup. All this, taken together, dramatically reduces the chances of a couple to create a strong Union.

So decide for yourself: nothing to tell your boyfriend about your ex or come up with a sentimental legend that he is a maniac, from whom better to stay away. Only God forbid that I should introduce them to offer to friends.