Artesian well — a stable access to drinking water

Артезианская скважина — стабильный доступ к питьевой воде

How to solve the problem of lack of Central water supply in a country house? The best way is to drill an artesian well.

5 reasons to drill artesian wells

  • This water is of excellent quality: aquifer lies deep, it is not such a negative impact, as a simple bore (e.g., sand). Water fully meets standards, it can be used for drinking and cooking.
  • Excellent performance — on average up to 3 cubic meters per hour (but this is not the limit, this indicator is determined by the thickness of aquifer). The well meets the needs of the family (household) to clean drinking water.
  • Stable water supply: drilled and a source has continuous output.
  • Long lifetime: nested in the well, the funds will be repaid many times, on average, the operation lasts at least 20-30 years. The exact date depends on the type of source and the technology of its construction. Thus, the use of twin-tube construction extends the period of operation up to 40-50 years.
  • The ability to save — thanks to the high performance one source can have multiple homes, so if you want you can collect the amount for drilling together with neighbors.
  • Read more about the benefits of artesian wells, visit the website here are the information about drilling technology and the cost of such works.

    A few facts about drilling and well

    The source depth can range from 30 to 250 meters (depending on the geographical conditions of the object, which is different everywhere). The confining pressure provided by the reservoir.

    Trunk strengthening the special column (it is made of durable plastic or steel pipes), is to protect the aquifer from contamination.

    Drilling technology is quite complex, so it is necessary to trust the professionals approach to work determines the quality of water and life source.

    The principle of operation of the well is quite simple:
    • the pump pumps water into a holding tank;
    • from the tank it is fed into the supply system.

    The organization of an Autonomous system involves not only drilling, but also a number of other activities for completion of wells. Specialists select the appropriate equipment, deliver it to the object and mounted.

    The list of devices and instruments necessary for the construction of power, enough volume:

    • hydraulic battery (it supplies water under pressure);
    • pump and valves;
    • xenon (waterproof camera that holds all equipment);
    • hoses and valves (used for water distribution in particular in the home), etc.

    How much will all of this cost?

    The cost of drilling and construction of water wells depends on various factors: the depth of drilling, geophysical characteristics of the site, technology of casing, type of equipment, pipe diameter, etc.

    Turning to a specialized company you can order of work “turnkey” — and this is the best option. The price includes the full range of activities from the delivery of drilling equipment to the site, ending with the drilling, installing the casing pipe and installation of pumping equipment.

    The final step is to run the well and test the devices. Yes, the process of construction of Autonomous systems of water supply time-consuming, besides costing a decent amount. But you get access to the purest artesian water, completely solving the problem of the lack of a Central water supply.